Dopamine deficiency

Dopamine deficiency signs/symptoms:

  • Reduced ability to feel pleasure
  • Flat, bored, apathetic and low enthusiasm
  • Depressed
  • Low drive and motivation
  • Difficulty getting through a task even when interesting
  • Procrastinator/little urgency
  • Difficulty paying attention and concentrating
  • Slowed thinking and/or slow to learn new ideas
  • Crave uppers (e.g. caffeine/nicotine/diet soft drinks)
    • Use these to improve energy/motivation/mood
  • Prone to addictions (e.g. alcohol)/addictive personality
  • Shy/introvert
  • Low libido or impotence
  • Mentally fatigued easily and physically fatigued easily
  • Sleep too much and trouble getting out of bed
  • Put on weight easily
  • Family history of alcoholism/ADD/ADHD

Dopamine levels may be low due to a combination of genetic and acquired reasons. Dopamine can be raised effectively using either nutrient based therapies or medications. Dopamine is synthesized form the amino acid tyrosine.

Factors which reduce dopamine levels:


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